Dawn of Mist by Helen Scheuerer Review


Title: Dawn of Mist
Author: Helen Scheuerer
Publisher Info / Release: Talem Press | April 16, 2020
Source: ARC from Helen Scheuerer
Rating: 5 / 5 *’s
Discover where The Oremere Chronicles journey began in this epic bind-up of all 16 prequel short stories from bestselling author, Helen Scheuerer.

Before their fight to save the realm from mad tyrants and toxic mist, Bleak, Henri and Swinton led separate lives.

Delve into the secrets, the triumphs and tragedies of their earlier years, and the defining moments that made these much-loved characters who they are.

Teenage Bleak sails across the seas, seeking adventure with her best friend, Bren, and guardian, Senior – only to discover that trouble often finds her first.

Fiercely loyal Henri and her sister, Sahara, train relentlessly to become elite warriors, but soon learn that the Valian Way can be crueller than they ever thought.

A young and ambitious Commander Swinton struggles to prove himself worthy of knighthood, but an encounter with a beautiful stranger shows him that there are things in life more important than titles.

Thank you to Helen for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

If you are still dealing with the withdrawals from the Oremere Chronicles ending like I am, this is the book for you! Helen has graciously given us a whole new prequel novel featuring our favorite main heroes in the form of getting to know them before war ultimately changed their paths forever.

With Helen’s beautiful writing, we’re emerged back into the worlds of Bleak, Swinton, Fiore, Henri and Sahara. The world building is still vivid as ever with even more intricate details surrounding their lives. My personal favorites have been the ones featuring Swinton – which show a side of our brooding commander that we never really got to see, even in the later parts of War of Mist.

Quite a few of these short stories were featured in the email newsletters [ you can subscribe here for those: https://helenscheuerer.com/free-prequels/ ] but there a few that no one has ever seen before until now.

So, whether you’re at home self isolating or you’re one of the essential workers out there (you guys rock, by the way) on the front lines, you should definitely treat yourself to this book and the entire Oremere Chronicles to get you through these scary and difficult times.

Everyone stay safe and escape to this beautiful world that Helen has created for us.


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