A Wind From The Rift by Bonnie Wynne Review

Title: A Wind From The Rift
Author: Bonnie Wynne
Publisher Info / Release: Talem Press | November 19, 2020
Source: ARC
Rating:  4/5 *’s – did not finish BUT explained in review

The sorceress has broken free of her shackles.

Months of imprisonment have forged Gwyn into something new; something dangerous. Eight dead sorceresses whisper in her ear, hungry for blood and vengeance – and after unleashing the red magic to make her escape, she fears she won’t be able to stop.

All Gwyn really wants is to go home. But as she soon discovers, escaping the Clockwork City may prove an impossible task. The wizards of the Syndicate wage a silent, bloody war over her fate, and to survive, she must play their deadly game.

As strange storms ravage the city and wizards start turning up dead, Gwyn finds herself in more danger than ever. With enemies on every side, the immortal Scions massing their armies, and the dark power inside her growing stronger, she must make a choice… To save everything she loves, is she willing to become the monster the Syndicate fears?

A Wind from the Rift is the electrifying second volume in Bonnie Wynne’s spellbinding fantasy series, The Price of Magic.

Thank you to Talem Press for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

I want to begin by saying that I was not able to finish this book before my slotted review date – however, I do want to clarify that it’s not because of the plot by any means. It was due to being an essential worker during this pandemic and that time quickly got away from me as my free time is eaten up by how my work days go.

With that in mind, do take my rating as it is because I promise you, it’s worth it. The beginning starts off with some action right off the bat to pull you in. Bonnie has a talent for setting the mood from the very first page, letting you know the overall tone. In the first book, we were learning about the mysterious prisoner and then about Gwyn once we were introduced to her. In Wind From The Rift, we are on a journey with Gwyn as she struggles navigating a world she initially wasn’t even a part of or wanted to be a part of.

The first chapter already shows internal struggles for Gwyn as the voices inside her try to control her, waging a war between herself and the sorceresses. That’s the theme that I realized would carry throughout the book as far as I got through – careful navigation in this world that she was thrust into.

Definitely make sure that you check this series out – Talem Press has an eye for discovering talented authors and Bonnie is one of them, hands down without a doubt. You’ll enjoy the writing and the world that she has create. Thank you again to Talem for entrusting me with this book and being a part of your review team. It’s always such an honor to work with yall!

Amazon Linkhttp://talempress.com/rift-bl 
Goodreads Linkhttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55196817-a-wind-from-the-rift 
Talem: https://talempress.com/books/a-wind-from-the-rift/ (Aus & NZ only!)

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