Review Policy

Currently reviewing requests that are sent. 

Thank you for your consideration in letting me review your book!

As both a bookstagram and review blog, I would love to review new books that are coming out and discuss them. Most of the books I read are Young Adult with a few select adult novels (i.e: Outlander, The Notebook, 50 Shades of Grey & Gone Girl). The genre I read the most is fantasy but I am open to most anything that is for teens/young adults.
Review formats I will accept:

  • ARC (most preferred copy. I tend to finish a physical copy much quicker than e-books)
  • Galleys
  • E-ARC
  • Finished Copies

YA Genres I will accept:

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian Society
  • Fairy Tale/ Retelling
  • Historial Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery

Genres I will NOT accept:

  • Contemporary
  • Poetry
  • Political
  • Religious ( Only because it is a general topic that hasn’t captured my attention )


I will always give an honest review. When requesting a review, please include: book title, publication date, genre and if part of a series. Please note, I do have a full time job so I cannot guarantee the speed at which I can post a review. I work twelve hour shifts and sometimes short shifts added on, so I read when I am not working. I will also post a mini review on my book Instagram page along with a photo of the book and on my Goodreads account as well.

I try to post often on my Instagram and I will be doing book reviews and other creative writing outlets on this blog as well. I do have many friends at work and family who are also avid readers and I usually recommend books to them as well, so I can also spread reviews by word of mouth.

If I feel as if your book wouldn’t be a good fit for me, I will let you know.
For any considerations, please email me at: abookishpeach(at)gmail(dot)com


In the event that you would like to consider me for ARCs, I would love to do Q&A’s in the future once I become more settled on my blog. More information on this will be coming in the near future.