Writing Wednesday

This blog will serve as a spot for book reviews and recommendations, but as best friends in high school, we also loved to write and work on stories. The two go hand in hand beautifully. Many people (including popular authors) read books and aspire to write stories or create novels of their own. So, what better place to share both your love of books and creative ideas?

Each week we will be posting a new writing prompt. In addition to being a creative outlet, we will post two or three short stories that are submitted to us via email.

  • In order to submit, please email short stories and name to abookishpeach@gmail.com
  • By submitting a story, you are giving us permission to post it and allowing everyone who follows the blog to enjoy your story as we did.


02/23/16 – “He whispered in my ear as the light started to fade…”


Submitted Short Stories

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